March 13, 2013
Breaking Church News

Adventist Security Leaders Unite to Keep Campuses Safe

PASS group to hold conference in July 2013. 

50 New or Remoldeled Churches to Open in Dominican Republic

Membership approaches 282,000 attending in 686 congregations. 

AU Names Jiří Moskala as Seminary Dean

The board announced the appointment on March 5.

Czech Republic: Adventist Church to Get $45 Million for Reparations

Government will repay church for stolen property.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Dwindling Catholic Schools See Future in Latino Students

U.S. enrollment has decreased by 23 percent. (Corrected link)

Anti-Semitism is on Rise in Europe, Middle East

One-third of Europeans have anti-semitic beliefs. (Corrected link)

Israel Braces for Locust Invasion

The last swarm of locusts was eight years ago.

New York City Sues Orthodox Shops Over Dress Codes

Opponents say the practices violate human rights.

March 14, 2013, Adventist Review

It Starts Here

Cover Story: Wilona Karimabadi explains why beginner Sabbath school is so important.

Do I Need a Gun?

Story: The question of self-defense is a complicated one, says Claude Richli.

Reclaiming the Library

Editorial: Bill Knott calls Adventists to understand the ideas around us, but test them by the clear and timeless Word of God.

Faith Over Feeling

Introducing the Why: God sees the beginning from the end when we can barely see at all, says Jimmy Phillips.

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This Week's Special Features


Editorial: Respecting God's questions makes an eternal difference, writes Lael Caesar.

Truth in a Technological World

Web Exclusive: The media are a gift from God. But, like any other of God’s blessings, they can be abused. writes Gary Swanson.

Tips for BEST Balance

Maintaining balance is not hard if you're intentional.

Alternative Adventist Education

Feature: Does the Adventist church offer faith-filled options for disadvantaged children? Sandra Blackmer, Becky St. Clair, and Blondel Senior share this report.

The Healing Power of "Something Better"

Web Exclusive: Retired GC vice president Calvin Rock delivered this sermon at the Loma Linda University Church on February 16. You can read the transcript or watch the video.

100 Years of Care and Healing

February 28 Cover Story: White Memorial Hospital celebrates a significant milestone.

A Partnership With Jesus

Back to Basics: Hyveth Williams says the time has come for Christians to change the world.

Feel the Power

Devotional: Homer Trecartin compares Peter at Pentecost and Saul at Ramah.


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