June 28, 2010
News From the GC Session

Proposed Election Procedures Not Accepted

Delegates cite representational, practical issues.

Behind the Scenes of a President's Appointment

The Nominating Committee's attempt to keep the process confidential.

Discipleship and Community Service Training Main Focus of iATL

More than 100 youth descend on Atlanta.

Adventists Race for Health

Runners and walkers face the Atlanta heat to emphasize healthful living.

Voices From the Dome: Heather Knight

The Pacific Union College president asks, "Will Heaven be like this?"

What the Spirit Achieves

The new president reflects on leadership, volunteers, and church unity.

Ted N.C. Wilson Elected General Conference President

Veteran leader to serve five-year term.

G. T. Ng elected World Church Secretary, Succeeding Bediako

Robert E. Lemon reelected treasurer. 

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This Week's Special Features

Exodus People

Chris Orberg reminds us that God is not in our story. We are in God's story.

Barely Enough: Grace and Justice

Can we live such grace-filled lives that people have no other choice but to see Jesus in us?

Growing in Service

A report presented by East-Central Africa Division President Geoffrey G. Mbwana.

With Him . . . for Him . . . by His Power

Growth in the Euro-Asia Division is marked by public evangelism and personal witnessing, says President Artur Stele.

The Adventist Mission: A 50-Year Perspective

A report from Archive and Statistics Director Bert Haloviak, presented June 25, 2010.

What the Spirit Achieves

The new president reflects on leadership, volunteers, and church unity.

Out of the Dust Bin

Retiring leader John M. Fowler shares the miraculous story of his conversion.


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