Breaking Church News

Longtime Evangelist Royce Williams Dies

Served It Is Written ministry for 31 years.

New York: Korean Adventists Concentrate on Outreach

At least 50 sign up for Bible study after week of nightly, two-hour meetings.

Adventist Pastor Leads Church-specific Focus for Digital Publisher

Martin Weber heads new department for Logos Bible Software

Global Religious Freedom Remains a Concern

Church experts express concern over increased intolerance worldwide.

North American Adventist Publishing Boards Asked to Consider Merger

GC and NAD administrations made the request.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Kenyan Christians and Muslims Unite to Combat Addiction

As their economy has grown so has drug use.

U.S. Issues Guidelines for Confronting a Church Shooter

Faith leaders are worried that congregations are at risk.

Appeals Court OK’s Pastor’s Suit Against Oklahoma License Plate

The pastor claims the license plate violates his religious liberty.

Quebec Lifts Turban Ban

But allegations of intolerance linger.

June 26, 2013, Adventist Review

Lover or Seducer?

Cover Story: John Markovic says Christians should make sure they're not being taken.


Heart and Soul: Theology: How is forgiveness possible? Ask Roy E. Gane


Editorial: Gerald Klingbeil asks," What would happen if you turned your computer off for a day."

Geography of Happiness

Transformation Tips: Delbert W. Baker points us to the source of true happiness.

To read more, click here.


This Week's Special Features

Sexuality as Something Sacred

Adventist Life: David E. Thomas asks, "Why can't we get this 'sexuality thing' right?"

Cliff's Edge: Cliff Goldstein introduces a new Web site with materials about the Adventist Church's 1844 doctrine.


Editorial: Understanding homosexuality and its explainers is no easier than understanding human nature or divine grace, says Lael Caesar.

Seventh-day Adventists and Other Churches

June 20 Cover Feature: There's a growing desire by leaders of other churches to know more about our church, says William G. Johnsson.

Taking Matters Into God's Hands

Introducing the Why: Has God promised you something? Then don't try to fulfill God's Word for Him, says Jimmy Phillips.

Fitbits and Pharisees

Editorial: Bill Knott sounds a call for unself-conscious Adventism.

Ziggurats, Mountains, and the Stone

May 23 Cover: Here's a surprising twist to a well-known text, says Gerald A. Klingbeil.

The Christian Leader in the Digital Age

Web Exclusive: A commentary by Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


More Features

Messages From Bermuda

With nearly 4,000 members and 11 churches, the Bermuda Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is spreading the good news of the gospel throughout that island nation. The conference also operates an elementary school and day academy. Under the leadership of President Jeffrey B. Brown, the conference has recently started an Internet ministry that features selected messages delivered at conference churches.

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AR Video Report

For more than 160 years the Adventist Review has inspired believers to deepen their relationship with God. And today we’re more vigorous than ever. We’re growing, changing, adapting to the times. Watch this video and you’ll be inspired too:

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