June 21, 2010
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New Anglican Church Faces Fiscal Challenges

The denomination has more than 800 congregations.

Southern Baptists Try to Combat Stagnation

Officials report a major drop in teen baptisms.

Virginia Supreme Court Sides With Episcopal Church

The courts will decide who owns church property.

Report: Religious Groups See Slight Drop in Giving

Congregations produce 33 percent of all contributions.

This Week's Special Features

Mark Thomas Voted Review & Herald President

The veteran executive moves from interim role, formally replaces retiring president Robert Smith.

The Supreme Court Will Have No Protestants. Does it Matter?

If U.S. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is confirmed, the high court will have six Catholics and three Jews.

Adventist Leadership

What do Adventist youth really know about their church leaders? Andy Nash has some answers.

Blessing, Not Cursing

Do the words we say really make a difference?

Seventh-day Darwinians, Redux

Clifford Goldstein shares more thoughts on theistic evolution.

The Emerging Church

Suddenly, it seems, this topic is being discussed by clergy and laity alike. What does it mean? What's at stake?

Living in a "Code Yellow" World

Are society's troubles making you anxious? 


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Based in Simi Valley, California, the Voice of Prophecy radio ministry celebrated 80 years of broadcasting in 2009. Founded by Pastor H.M.S. Richards, Sr., the current speakers are Pastor Fred Kinsey and Connie Vandeman Jeffrey on the Weekend Voice broadcast, and Pastors Mike Tucker and Elizabeth Talbot on the daily broadcast.

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