June 20, 2014
Breaking Church News

SAU Students Evangelize El Salvador Gang Members

The students led outreach meetings in five countries in Central and South America, resulting in more than 1,300 baptisms.

Adventist Church Overhauls North American Publishing Operations

Constituency meetings of Review and Herald and Pacific Press clear the way for the biggest restructuring in Adventist publishing's 153-year history.

After Three Brushes with Death a Retired Businessman Saves Lives

Dennis Perry uses his harrowing life stories to share Jesus in Papua New Guinea.

Avondale Celebrates 40 Years With Liberace's Piano

The Concert grand piano is officially named "Lady Elle."

India: Spicer College Granted University Status

The school's name will change to Spicer Adventist University.

Adventist Housekeeper Inspired Dustin Hoffman's $12,000 Gift

When the actor decided to remodel his kitchen, he knew where to send his refrigerator, freezer, and stove.

Adventist News in Brief

Here are five quick news items from Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and the U.S., including royal honors for four Adventists, and a university degree for a 104-year-old student.

This Week's Special Features

The Church Boys and Four Sabbath Miracles

Story: Kenneth Ordelheide's story of when a higher power prevailed over the U.S. Army.

Friendship Evangelism

Cover Feature: S. Joseph Kidder and David Penno on patience as a venue.

The Power of Preemption

Heart and Soul Devotional: Deciding ahead of time brings amazing clout, says Donald Bedney.

General Truths

Editorial: Bill Knott reminds us that Christians linger where they are loved, welcomed and made to feel embraced.

Reflections on the Ordination Meetings

Web Exclusive: Mark Finley shares his perspective on the Theology of Ordination Study Committee deliberations.

Modesty: A Thing of the Past?

June  12 Cover feature: Laura Sámano on the never-ending quest to be stylish which is just that.

Prosperity Gospel: Deceptions and Dangers

Web Exclusive: Alberto Timm shares his in-depth study of this popular teaching among evangelicals.



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