June 13, 2012
Breaking Church News

Nigeria: Adventist Medical School Opens

Babcock University is the fourth Adventist medical school on the globe.

Australia: Adventists Welcome Inquest Findings

Coroner confirms cause of the 1980 death of Azaria Chamberlain.

Canadian Foreign Minister Promotes 'Bedrock' Human Right

John Baird says religious freedom is too often "measured in blood spilled and lives lost."

Former GC President Receives Norwegian Honor

The Norwegian Royal Order of Merit is one of the highest honors given to civilians.

Adventist Church to Stream International Bible Conference

Sessions to examine theological issues.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Israel to Recognize Non-Orthodox Rabbis

There are about 250 non-Orthodox Rabbis in Israel.

Vatican 'Moles' Vow More Papal Leaks

Hearings on the scandal began June 4.

19 Faith Leaders Meet White House Chef

White House wants to bring attention to childhood obesity.

New Orleans Seminary Acquires a 1617 King James Bible

The historic Bible was owned by a former Primitive Baptist minister.

June 14, 2012, Adventist Review

Shut In and Left Out

Cover Story: Kimberly Luste Maran explores the issue of homebound members who feel neglected, and what the church can do to help.

A Tale of Migrations

Biblical Studies: Ronald Nalin tells us what happens when we move in God's rhythm.

The Problem With Nostalgia

Editorial: Bill Knott recently visited an Adventist Heritage site and drew some interesting conclusions from his time there.

One-track Mind

Introducing the Why: Jimmy Phillips on focusing your mind on the best things.

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This Week's Special Features

Summer Camp: Where God Spends His Summers

Summer Meetings: If you never went to summer camp, you may have missed out.

On Vacation With God

Summer Outreach: Discover a guide to spiritual and physical renewal with Gerald A. Klingbeil.

Something's Fishy

Web Exclusive: Are you a "pesco-vegetarian"? Allan Handysides and Peter Landless explain.

Mission South America

GC president Ted N. C. Wilson recently visited Argentina and Brazil. News editor Mark Kellner has an in-depth report.

Under the Big Top

Summer Meetings: Celeste Perrino Walker reflects on the cool things about going to camp meeting, and invites you to come along.

Taking a Vacation?

Summer Travels: Sandra Blackmer tells us about some unique sites in Adventist history, and why you should visit them.

More Holy Days for Adventists?

Heart and Soul Biblical Studies: Roy E. Gane revisits the issue of Israelite festivals.


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