July 8, 2011
Breaking Church News

Black Adventists Exceed U.S. Health Averages

Quality of life better than general population.

Vandeman Elected Columbia Union Secretary

Current Chesapeake Conference president to serve mid-Atlantic region

Division Hosts Media Summit in Simi Valley

Delegates discuss strategy, social media.

LLU Graduates 10,000th Student

Rieker Schultz sets school milestone.

This Week's Special Features

A Special Video Message From Bill Knott

Web Exclusive: the Adventist Review editor recounts the joys of Bible study 

The S Factor

Transformation Tips: Learn more about Satan's persistant traps from Delbert Baker.

Adventist Theology Comes of Age

Adventist Heritage: Michael Campbell explains the significance of the 1952 Bible Conference for the Adventist Church.

Babel Building

Editorial: Lael Caesar writes about deliverance we need from the things that lead us astray.

Reaching the Summit

Cover Feature: Climb the Sermon on the Mount with David Asscherick.

A Dying Species

Editorial: Fatherhood needs encouragement says associate editor Gerald Klingbeil.

The Jonah Syndrome

Web Exclusive: Shawn Boonstra warns us not to be shy about sharing Adventism's unique message.

How to Spot a Healthy Church in 30 Seconds

Web Exclusive: Joe McKeever asks, "Does the Bible give us a clue?"



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