July 5, 2015
GC Session Bulletin 2

World Church Launches 'United in Prayer'

'100 Days of Prayer' ends at the GC Session.

Tomorrow's Headlines Today

Signs of His return -- Devotional Message Presented by Sikhu Hlatshwayo on Friday July 3, 2015.

From Confusion to Commission

The Sabbath morning message presented by General Conference Secretary G. T. Ng on July 4, 2015.

To Every Nation

A report from General Conference Secretary G. T. Ng.

God Is Faithful—His Promises Are Sure 

A report from General Conference Treasurer Robert E. Lemon. 

A Message of Hope and Wholeness

A report from North American Division President Daniel R. Jackson.

Mingle, Meet, Invite

Report from Middle East and North Africa Union Mission President Homer Trecartin.

World Church Launches 'United in Prayer'

'100 Days of Prayer' ends at the GC Session.

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How Will San Antonio Remember Adventists?

Chad Stuart asks, "What impression will we Seventh-day Adventists leave with the city of San Antonio?"

Session Today With Bill Knott

Daily updates and highlights from the 2015 General Conference Session. Check back every day for a look at what lies ahead for the day.

Actions and Proceedings

The official minutes of the 60th General Conference Session held July 2-July 11, 2015.

ANN Broadcasts

Watch daily news reports from the Adventist News Network. 

Images From San Antonio

GC Session snapshots.

GC Podcasts

Daily audio broadcasts from San Antonio.

7 Things You Don't Want to Miss at GC Session

Heather Quintana shares highlights from San Antonio.

Your Guide to the GC Session Agenda

Here’s an overview of what to expect in San Antonio in July.

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