July 31, 2012
Breaking Church News

Columbia Union Votes Gender-Neutral Ordinations

Constituency meeting delegates vote change despite leadership plea.

Rawson, Interim ADRA International Chief, Optimistic About Agency’s Future

Despite painful year, confidence in mission remains high.


World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Court Upholds Georgia Ban on Guns in Church

Critics of the ban are mulling an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Vatican Bank Needs More Transparency, Regulators Say

Five cardinals oversee the bank.

Survey: Unbelief Is Growing

Researchers surveyed 19,377 people.

Asian-American Beliefs Studied

The report reveals a mixed bag of beliefs.

This Week's Special Features

Presbyopia and Christian Education

Transformation Tips: We must never forget the value that Christian education affords our young people, says Delbert W. Baker.

A Different Ministry

Web Exclusive: Adventist Risk Management is on a mission to protect children from sexual abuse, says Julio Muñoz.

Going Back Again

Cover Feature: Esther Ramos shares lessons learned from the classroom.

The Golden Role

Editorial: Bill Knott on the real difference a Christian teacher can make in the life of a student.

Would I Do It All Over Again?

July 26 Cover Feature: Adventist Education: Look at a parent's perspective with Harper DeLong.

Inclusive Teaching

Feature: A new norm for Adventist schools? Kim Kaiser has an answer.

To Beast or Not to Beast

July 19 Cover Story: In teaching about prophecy, Shane Anderson asks, are Adventists presenting Jesus clearly?


Web Exclusive: Have you ever read a great story that ended too soon? Gary Swanson says you're not alone.


More Features

Forest Lake Adventist Church

Located on the Forest Lake Academy campus in Apopka, Florida, the congregation is lead by the teaching ministry of Senior Pastor Geoff Patterson. The church has established a vibrant Internet ministry that reaches scores of people around the world.

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