July 30, 2015
Breaking Church News

Adventists 'Most Racially Diverse Religious Group in U.S.'

Adventist leaders say the Pew findings reflect the church’s mission to prepare all people for Jesus’ return.

Spokane: Adventists to Open Free Mega-Clinic Next Week

Some 1,500 volunteers will care for 3,000 patients on the eve of an ASI convention.

As Protests Beset Honduras, Adventist Youth March With Hope

Some 10,000 young people point to the Ten Commandments amid a public outcry over corruption.

Patient Celebrates 30 Years After Loma Linda Kidney Transplant

She thanks God that the donated kidney has functioned many years longer than usual.

What Trump and the Pope Reveal About U.S. Politics

News commentary: The two leaders have a surprising religious influence over the 2016 presidential race.‚Äč

This Week's Special Features

A Conspiracy in North America

Commentary: José Cortez shares twenty-two ways to make your church relevant in your community.

First Ever Historical Drama Tells Advent Story

Michael Campbell reports on a new evangelistic tool that church leaders want in every Adventist home

Two Firsts for Deaf Ministries at GC Session

The Deaf are now more closely integrated into world church.

Remembering July 16, 1915

Commentary: Ellen White’s legacy and relevance — a personal journey.

God and [Adventist] History

Lael Caesar asks, "Is your history God's history?"

Haystack-Lovers Fall Short of Clinching World Record for Largest Potluck

Organizers sought to get placed in Guinness World Records. Wilona Karimabadi reports. 

The Journey Must Go On!

A GC session commentary by John M. Fowler

A Candid, Pastoral Heart

An interview with NAD President Dan Jackson.

Video Reflections

Personal testimonies from Adventist church members.

Actions and Proceedings

The official minutes of the 60th General Conference session held July 2-July 11, 2015.