July 29, 2011
Don't Miss it is Written

Starting this weekend, don't miss all-new episodes of the It Is Written flagship program featuring speaker/director John Bradshaw. This week’s topic will focus on worry and how we can overcome it. Get a sneak peek at www.itiswritten.com starting Friday, or watch on your local station. Find airtimes and station information at www.itiswritten.com/stations.

Breaking Church News

Don A. Roth, Adventist Communicator, Dies

The former GC associate secretary gave more than 60 years to church service.

Former Oakwood President Frank Hale Dies

Funded minority scholarships at Ohio State, championed educational diversity.

ADRA Wins Best Practices Award for Women Empowerment Project

Effort helps women, communities in Bangladesh.

Zimbabwe: Adventists See One Third of Offenders Taking Bible Studies

"Groundwork laid," now a need for support.

Women's Ministries Scholarship Program Turns 20

Donations total $767,000.

This Week's Special Features

The Power of Touch: Making It Real

Devotional: Jerry Lutz's message on a communion Sabbath captures more than symbolism.

Facing the Music

Dateline Moscow: Andrew McChesney relates the story of losing sleep and gaining so much more.

Uncomfortable Questions

Editorial: Going against the flow -- Lessons to be learned from the church in Nazi Germany. Read on with associate editor Gerald A. Klingbeil.

I'd Rather Be a Sheep

Cover Feature: Take a fresh look at Psalm 23 with Martin Klingbeil.

Why Conservative Churches are Growing

Web Exclusive: A compelling essay from Albert Mohler.

Going Wrong With Confidence

Cover Feature: What have we learned in the 150 years since the beginning of the Civil War in the U.S.? Bert Williams explains. 

Slavery and the War: Both North and South are to Blame

Spirit of Prophecy: Ellen G. White had something to say about the crime of slavery.

Undeserving: The Casey Anthony Verdict

Web Exclusive: Read Shawn Boonstra's take on this controversial piece of news.


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