July 28, 2014
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Headlines From Religion News Service

IRS Agrees to Monitor Churches for Electioneering

The action is part of an agreement reached with an atheist group.

Political and Religious Leaders Denounce European Anti-Jewish Outbursts Tied to Gaza

Fears of escalating unrest are perhaps sharpest in France.

Utah Asks High Court for Intervention to Halt Same-sex Marriage Recognition

State officials want to revive a ban on such unions.

Americans View Jews, Christians Warmly

Atheists, Muslims get the cold shoulder.

Breaking Church News

Wilson Thanks Jordan for Renewing the Church's Registration

The GC president wraps up an extended trip to five countries with a stop in the Middle East.

34,000 Celebrate Religious Freedom in Zimbabwe

The event is organized by the East Zimbabwe Conference, which also will welcome 40,000 people to an evangelistic series led by Ted Wilson next May.

In Britain, Young Adventists Display Faith in Shop Window

The art exhibit in one of Birmingham’s biggest shopping centers leads passersby to Bible studies.

This Week's Special Features

Abraham's Other Children

July 24 Cover: Linda Smith on how God is reaching Muslims with the gospel.

The New, Friendly Face of the Papacy

As I See It: Gerhard Padderatz takes a look at reading current events in the light of prophecy.

Hearing the Thump

Journeys with Jesus: Jill Morikone reminds us of the moments we have to see clearly in order to be of help to others.

Taking God Out of the Equation

Heart and Soul Theology: Are some people comfortable with a cosmos that just "evolved?" Ariel A. Roth explores the topic.


Editorial: Gerald Klingbeil battles roots that were deeply entrenched. It's hard to move that which is firmly rooted, right?

What Do You Mean: Seventh-day Adventist?

July 17 Cover Feature: Lee Roy Holmes takes a look at our identity. Who knows us? And how are we known?

Radical Transformation--Hope Worth Sharing

Can health and healing transform a city? Ask Cathy McDonald.

Can Religion Affect Health?

David R. Williams presents the research.

Pioneer Memorial Church

Located on the Andrews University campus in Berrien Springs, Michigan, the Pioneer Memorial Church is led by the pulpit ministry of Pastor Dwight Nelson, who has established a dynamic television and Internet ministry.

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