July 20, 2011
Breaking Church News

GC Vice President Receives LLU Honor

Lowell Cooper is also an LLU alumnus.

Adventist TV Channel to Reach Millions

Hope Channel India, a culmination of vision, prayer.

By Design

A new science curriculum for Adventist schools.

IAD Continues Community Prayer Focus

Thousands celebrate June 10 Day of Prayer.

Germany: Ghanaian Church Building Dedicated

Believed to be first owned by an expatriate Ghanaian congregation.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

House Directs Pentagon to Uphold Marriage Laws

Measure exempts chaplains from officiating at same-sex marriage.

Catholics Look Into Buying Crystal Cathedral

Church officials are seeking a path out of bankruptcy.

Bolster Abstinence Education, Congressmen Urge

Forty members petition appropriations panel.

Vatican Probes Church Closings

Fifty churches have closed since 2009.

July 21, 2011 Adventist Review

Going Wrong With Confidence

Cover Feature: What have we learned in the 150 years since the beginning of the Civil War in the U.S.? Bert Williams explains. 

Slavery and the War: Both North and South are to Blame

Spirit of Prophecy: Ellen G. White had something to say about the crime of slavery.

Stress and Civility

Editorial: Sandra Blackmer offers a solution.

It's True: Your Behavior Affects Your Genes

The Life of Faith: Can genetics affect one's Christian journey? Andy Nash shares his perspective.

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This Week's Special Features

Running--With Purpose

Introducing the Why: 1 Corinthians 9 has a new meaning for columnist Jimmy Phillips.

A Church Plant Success

Cover Feature: Churches need an outreach mentality in order to grow, writes Roger Walter.

The "Sons of God" and Biblical Cosmology

Biblical Studies: Kim Papaioannou builds a case for an inhabited universe.

Ferocious Truths

Editorial: AR editor Bill Knott makes a call for proclaiming the gospel with love and mercy.

Undeserving: The Casey Anthony Verdict

Web Exclusive: Read Shawn Boonstra's take on this controversial piece of news.

A Special Video Message From Bill Knott

Web Exclusive: The Adventist Review editor recounts the joys of Bible study. 


Forest Lake Adventist Church

Located on the Forest Lake Academy campus in Apopka, Florida, the congregation has established a vibrant Internet ministry that reaches out to scores of people around the world.

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