July 2, 2014
Breaking Church News

Adventist Church Encouraged by Court's Hobby Lobby Decision

The case presented a unique situation for some faith-based organizations, including family-owned companies.

In Italy, ADRA Assists With an Immigrant Crisis

The Adventist relief agency distributes personal hygiene kits and stages a gospel music concert for immigrants fished out of the Mediterranean Sea by the Italian navy.

Philanthropy Conference Is ‘Eye-Opener’ for International Attendees

About 350 Adventists gather to learn how to raise money at the week-long PSI Conference.

'Sin of Adulthood' and 'Ministerial Cramps' All in My Day’s Work

Now that school’s out, Maria Rankin-Brown shares some student typos that gave me a much-needed chuckle when the burden of grading made me want to chew on an electrical cord.


World Religious News

Supreme Court Rules for Hobby Lobby

The judges broke new ground, affirming that corporations may claim religious rights.

This Week's Special Features

The Friendship Factor

Adventist Life: DeWitt S. Williams reminds us that it's not good for us to be alone.

Dealing With Dark Moments

Transformation Tips: Do we need darkness as much as we need light? Delbert Baker makes a case.

The Flood

Editorial: "Everyone needs to know about the Flood," says Lael Caesar.

Agents of Hope

June 26 Cover Feature: Stephen Chavez takes a look at what we are while we wait.

Why Pray?

Back to Basics: Hyveth Williams has been studying prayer. She shares her insights in her latest column.

Friendship Evangelism

June 19 Cover Feature: S. Joseph Kidder and David Penno write about patience as a virtue.

The Church Boys and Four Sabbath Miracles

Story: Kenneth Ordelheide's story of when a higher power prevailed over the U.S. Army.

The Power of Preemption

Heart and Soul Devotional: Deciding ahead of time brings amazing clout, says Donald Bedney.


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