July 2, 2010
News From the GC Session

Church Manual Further Defines Marriage

Change adds "between one male and one female" to existing "heterosexual" definition.

Delegate Urges More Young Representation

Apoint younger leaders in local regions first, chair responds.

From Sick Care to Health Care

Adventist Healthcare launches whole-person initiative.

Evangelism is Focus for Youth Center Exhibit

Center unveils new iPhone application at session.

Hitting the Right Note

Behind the scenes with the Music Committee.

Delegates Strenghten Adventist Church's Creation Focus

Motions affirm creation position, reopen fundamental belief for clarification.

Church Manual Revision Clarifies Women as Deacons

Delegates continue discussion on 95 proposed changes.


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This Week's Special Features

The Tradition Continues

Producing the daily General Conference Bulletins.

Grace in the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is where God dealt with sinners; today He dwells with us in Christ.

Living by Grace Gives Hope and Assurance

Christ died; and His subsequent resurrection from the grave was God's final payment for sin.

South Pacific: Innovative Mission

A report of the Adventist Church's work in the South Pacific Division, presented July 1, 2010.

Pressing Against Difficult Currents

Even though the Southern Asia Division has experinced significant growth, the division still faces major challenges.

First Couple Share From Their Hearts

A Hope Channel interview with Ted and Nancy Wilson.

Voices From the Dome

Commentary on the daily events at the GC session.


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