July 16, 2012
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Vatican Logs $19 Million Deficit

Loss blamed on global market declines.

Study: Pastors' Concerns for Others May Harm Their Own Health

Study reveals high rates of chronic diseases.

Church of England Postpones Vote on Female Bishops

A vote is now scheduled for November.

Atheist Files Complaint Over Pennsylvania Restaurant's Discount for Churchgoers

Restaurant owners say the promotion was designed to drum up business.

This Week's Special Features

Stalking My iPad

Introducing the Why: Jimmy Phillips, an iPad, and a special book. What happened?


Editorial: Kimberly Luste Maran on keeping the groundwork and being prepared.

You Don't Have to Pray Alone

Adventist Life: Scott Steward on how old and new media unite millions in immediate prayer.

Present Truth in Music

July 12 Cover Feature: "The truth of music gets obscured if too much attention is focused on the performer," says Herbert Blomstedt.


Web Exclusive: Have you ever read a great story that ended too soon? Gary Swanson says you're not alone.

"One Voice About Our Whole Humanity"

A consensus statement from the Third International Bible Conference held in Jerusalem, Israel.

On Ordination Questions, GC Leadership Appeals for Orderly Process

'Appeal' issued to guide unions, conferences.


More Features


Based at the Adventist Media Center in Simi Valley, California, Descubra (translated "Discover"), a weekly telecast, reaches millions of Spanish-speaking people with messages of peace, love, and hope. The program is carried in 216 U.S. markets (52 million available homes) throughout North and Central America on Esperanza TV, on Nuevo Tiempo in Central and South America, on 3ABN Latino throughout all Spanish-speaking countries in the western hemisphere, and on satellite systems worldwide. Pastor Frank Gonzalez is the speaker.

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