July 15, 2010
Top Stories From Atlanta

Jerry Page Appointed Ministerial Secretary

Vote to delay ministerial associate appointees veers from earlier decision.

Adventist Church Administration to Study Ordination

Expect a report within five years session Steering Committee says.

Inter-America Names Women as Leaders

Largest world division has first female general VP, seven other female leaders.

Church President Says He Won't "Flinch" on Creation Issue

Wilson speaks at "Yes, Creation!" lectures.

The Swift Transition of a New Church President

Wilson's calendar will fill at warp speed.


Breaking Church News

What's the Story at Atlantic Union College?

An interview with the college president.

More GC Session Features

"Go Forward"

Church president affirms foundational Adventist beliefs.

Telling the Adventist Story

Adventist Heritage Ministry on display in Atlanta.

The Surprising Way God Works

A young member of the Nominating Committee shares her experience.

Of Men and Mountains

Former AR editor William G. Johnsson reflects on the ministry of the two Wilsons.

The Unambiguous Center

A movement that began with a vision of light and truth must regularly revisit those organizing values.

Going Out of Our Way to Proclaim His Grace

Jesus taught His disciples not to settle for the safer way.

Grace For All

The grace of Jesus embraces the whole world, and His kingdom is constituted by all who submit to it.

Voices From the Dome

Commentary on the daily events at the GC session.

Atlanta Reports

Reports from the GC officers and 13 world divisions of the Adventist Church.

Actions and Proceedings

Minutes of the 59th GC session in Atlanta, Georgia, held June 23-July 3, 2010.


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