July 14, 2014
Geneva Dispatch

Adventist Review news editor Andy McChesney shares daily updates from the 2nd Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ted Wilson Makes Case for Vegetarianism

The GC president Wilson wraps up the week-long health conference with an appeal for attendees to resolutely practice what they teach.

Adventist Church Launches New Stop-smoking Program

Breath-Free 2 creator Daniel Handysides says the key to helping smokers quit is personal relationships.

6.5 Notable Facts From the GC Health Conference

From a flurry of scientific data, we’ve chosen a few facts that we heard for the first time this week.


More Church News

Raafat Kamal Elected Trans-European Division President

Kamal replaces Bertil Wiklander.

Volunteers Sought to Treat 5,000 Patients in San Antonio

Dentists and optometrists are especially needed for the church’s “Mission to the Cities” program.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Christians Killed, Churches Destroyed in Sudan Bombings

Children and elderly among 10 dead.

Judge Approves Settlement in Baptist Children's Home Case

The settlement resolves a 14-year-old legal suit.

Former NFL Player Seeks to Expand His Communion Business

Israel Idonije is turning a new page in his playbook.

European Court Upholds France's Ban on Face Veils

Many Muslims feel the legislation unfairly singles them out.

This Week's Special Features

Can Religion Affect Health?

David R. Williams presents the research.

Comprehensive Health Ministry

Dr. Peter N. Landless shares his vision for global health ministry.

Radical Transformation--Hope Worth Sharing

Can health and healing transform a city? Ask Cathy McDonald.

Bestseller (Video) -- The Clifford Goldstein Story

Web Exclusive: Watch Clifford Godstein's self-narrated testimony about his life and conversion to Christianity. 

The Flood

Editorial: "Everyone needs to know about the Flood," says Lael Caesar.

The Friendship Factor

Adventist Life: DeWitt S. Williams reminds us that it's not good for us to be alone.

Dealing With Dark Moments

Transformation Tips: Do we need darkness as much as we need light? Delbert Baker makes a case.


Community Praise Center

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, this Seventh-day Adventist congregation has a strong focus on mission and outreach. Under the leadership of pastor Bron Jacobs, the church also has a vibrant worship ministry.

Let's Pray

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