January 9, 2012
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Poll: Nearly 80 Percent of Americans Are Christians

Survey was based on 327,244 interviews.

Evangelicals, Catholics Oppose Insurance Mandate

Health-care law mandates that religious insurers cover contraception.

Vatican Launches Home for U.S. Episcopalians

Diocese offers Anglican-style mass.

Scroll Fragments May 'Shed Light' on Old Testament Text

Scholars discuss Dead Sea scroll fragments.

The Top 10 Religion Stories of 2011

The Religion Newswriters Association annually selects the most important religion stories of the year. Here are their choices. 

This Week's Special Features

GYC Convention Edition

Special Edition: Read the Adventist Review's special edition for the Generation Youth for Christ convention in Houston, Texas.

Becoming What We Are Not

Biblical Studies: Sanctification is not a place at which one arrives, but a way one travels, suggests Rex Edwards.

False Flags

Transformation Tips: How do we spot false flags? Ask Delbert Baker.

"Be Not Afraid" vs. "Let It Be"

Editorial: Forget the Beatles--there is something much better, notes Bill Knott

Love's Pure Light (Video)

Web Exclusive: Watch the 2006 Christmas television show.

The Darker Side of the Manger

Cover Feature: Few of us consider this aspect of the nativity story, says Gerald Klingbeil.

Celebrating With Compassion

Editorial: Carlos Medley reminds us that giving is better than receiving this holiday season.

Feeling Connected

Web Exclusive: Everyone is hardwired for connectedness, says Gary B. Swanson.


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