January 27, 2014
Breaking Church News

'Very Frank' Discussions Continue For Ordination Study Committee in Maryland Meeting

Among the major discussion topics was male headship as a biblical mandate.

Police Hold Suspect After Southern Adventist Campus Placed on "Lockdown"

Situation lasted two hours after "perceived threat" against University.

Leona Running, Longtime Andrews U. scholar, Dies

She devoted nearly six decades of service to the seminary.

Ng Elected Chair of White Estate Board

He is the first person from Asia to hold the post.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Study: Conservative Protestants' Divorce Rates Spread to Their Red State Neighbors

Simply living in areas with a large concentrations of conservative Protestants raises the rate of divorce.

Nigeria: Religious Leaders Welcome Anti-gay Law

Police have rounded up scores of gays and jailed them.

Pope Francis Shakes Up Vatican Bank

Bank officials had been cited for corruption.

Racial Diversity in Churches Remains Illusive

Pastors say every church should strive for diversity

This Week's Special Features

Of Faith and Football

Editorial: Wilona Karimabadi talks about trials of following a football team and what that can teach us about following Someone better.

How Much Do The Games Cost?

Cover Feature: Tim Ponder takes a look at the price we pay for the fun we crave.

Resolutions: A Tool for Spiritual Growth

Transformation Tips: Do you make resolutions every year? Delbert Baker points us to the only One who can help us make them stick.

My Take on GYC

Web Exclusive: Shawn Brace shares a reflection on the recent GYC convention in Orlando, Florida.

Into All The World

Feature: Kevin Waite on our focus on evangelizing the 10/40 window.

One Sabbath Morning

40 Below: Andy Nash and his students went to church to find out what that day's attendees were really thinking.

Zion, Or Zion?

Editorial: Lael Caesar reminds us of how thrilled God is to get us fixed just right.

In Christ There is Neither Conservative nor Liberal

January 16 Cover: When we're "in Christ," we defy description, asserts Chris Blake


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