January 26, 2011
Breaking Church News

Azerbaijan: Adventists Accused of Illegal Worship, Evangelism

Registration loopholes frustrate minority religions.

New President Elected For Central California Conference

Ramiro Cano follows Jerry Page.

92-Year-Old Adventist Likely Sets Marathon Record

Great-grandmother completes 26.2-mile race.

Maranatha Volunteers Build Home for Arizona Church

Yuma congregation gets new worship space.

Protection, Miracles Seen by Adventists During Queensland Flooding

Six weeks of rain unleashes torrents in northeast Australia; churches, crops protected.

Adventist HealthCare Loses Maryland Expansion Bid

State panel backs rival for hospital site.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Vatican Closes 9 Boston Churches

Closings come despite protests.

Wallis, Colson Call For Christian Civility on 'Hot' Issues

More than 50 leaders signed on to an open letter to congress.

Supreme Court Lets 'Gay Marriage' Ruling Stand in Washington, D.C.

The decision blocks a referendum on the definition of marriage.

Jews Score Higher on "Well-being" Survey

More than 550,000 were polled.

January 27, 2011 Adventist Review

Oops! I Guess I'm Going to Hell

How to embrace the reality of the assurance of salvation.

A Mission to Oregon

The western United States wasn't always as civilized as it is now.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Valuable information on an important topic.

Unavoidably His

How does revival begin? How does it continue?

Eyes Wide Open

Jesus challenges us to watchfulness and readiness.

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This Week's Special Features

No Turning Back

Jill Morikone reflects on the Generation of Youth for Christ convention.

Let Them Have Sex. . . Later

When God spreads before us that feast of wedded bliss--bon appetit!

Do We Need Adventist Megachurches?

Is bigger necessarily better?

Remembering Neal C. Wilson

Profile of a former GC president.


God's transformation may sometimes be painful, but the outcome is always beautiful.

Winds of Renewal, Flames of Reformation

The call of God runs the risk of being ignored by many.

Lessons From The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Gary B. Swanson shares his perspective of C. S. Lewis's classic work.


Reaching Your Heart Radio

A weekly evangelistic broadcast airing in the Washington DC area. Based at the Reaching Hearts Church, an Adventist congregation in the Allegheny East Conference, the program is also heard daily throughout North America on XM Satellite Radio at 10 p.m. ET on week nights and Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.. The speaker is Michael Oxentenko, who pastors the congregation in Spencerville, Maryland.

Let's Pray

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