January 26, 2015
Breaking Church News

Teenie Finley, 70, Finishes First Marathon in 6 Hours

Mark Finley’s wife beats time expectations to raise funds for a new evangelism center.

Congresswoman Praises N.Y. Church for Putting Gospel into Action

The Brooklyn church seeks to help heal a community divided by racially tinged unrest.

Malawi Pastor, Turning 100, Regrets Boat Tragedy

Patrick Ziba tells how four students died after stealing at an Adventist school.

ADRA TV Series to Debut on Hope Channel

The nine-part series will highlight stories from Albania, Uganda, and Vanuatu.

Technology Conference to Be Held Online for First Time

Registration is free for the annual GAiN forum on Feb. 11 to 15.

Former Church Administrator John Loor Dies

The lifelong church administrator leaves a legacy that is inextricably linked to his Adventist schooling.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Supreme Court Upholds Religious Rights of Prisoners

The ruling was unanimously approved.

U.S. Churchgoers Still Sit in Segregated Pews

New research shows that most Americans are OK with that.

Black Churches Offer Scholarships to Students at Michael Brown’s Alma Mater

The scholarships cover four years’ tuition at colleges operated by three African-American Methodist Episcopal denominations.

British Jews Feel They Have no Future in England, Europe

The Jews see a growth in anti-Semitism.

This Week's Special Features

“You Visited Me”

Adventist Life: Dwain Esmond reports on doing time with United Prison Ministries International.

Jesus Wept

Editorial: "But we and He still do weep for different reasons," says Lael Caesar.

The Elder Brother

Cover Feature: "Grace bestowed is nothing to bitterly regret. It is something, in the spirit of our Elder Brother, to generously share," says Dean Waterman.


Story: Alejandro Medina's powerful experience of serving God in the middle of a drug war.

Required: Personal Experience

Back to Basics: "Our anchor can and will hold only if, like the Samaritans, our faith is built on nothing less than a personal knowledge and experience of Jesus Christ’s righteousness," says Hyveth Williams.

The Final Word

Editorial: Gerald Klingbeil asks us to join him in praying for humility to truly know God’s Final Word personally.

Through the Valley of Death

January 15 Cover Feature: Floyd Greenleaf on learning the painful lessons of faith.

​How Does God Choose?

Introducing the Why: Jimmy Phillips asks the question, "Where does God fit into tragedies like this?


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