January 23, 2012
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Virginia Judge Rules Against Breakaway Episcopal Parishes

The seven congregations must surrender their property to the Episcopal church.

43 Arrested While Protesting NYC Church Ban

There are 150 congregations worshiping in NYC public schools.

New Jersey Synagogue Attacks Stir Concern

The FBI has been monitoring the incidents.

Survey: Half of Churchgoers' Lives Not Affected by Time in Pews

Researchers surveyed 1,022 adults.

This Week's Special Features

An Accomplished Life

Cover Feature: Mark A. Kellner shares the story of Terry Johnsson and his unique life.

The Wretched iMan of Romans 7

Heart and Soul: Biblical Studies: What can Christians learn from Romans 7? asks Emanuel Millen.

Adventists and Alcohol

Web Exclusive: With studies showing the benefits of alcohol use, how should Adventists respond? asks Dr. Peter Landless.

Opening a Letter to Myself

The Life of Faith: Andy Nash opened his own eyes in this frank missive. And so can we.

Body Parts

Editorial: Gerald A. Klingbeil unpacks an important message from Paul.

Loser Man

Theology: Lael Caesar suggests, "You don't become God by getting anything."

Psyche, Psuche, and Soul

Cover Feature: Jennifer Jill Schwirzer poses the question: Can we really turn to the Bible for help?


La Voz de La Esperanza

Based at the Adventist Media Center in Simi Valley, California, La Voz de La Esperanza broadcasts messages of grace, hope, and salvation in Jesus Christ. On the air since 1942, the broadcast targets those who speak and understand Spanish. Under the leadership of Frank Gonzalez, La Voz de La Esperanza is transmitted from more than 1,000 radio stations in 35 countries.  

Let's Pray

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