January 20, 2010
Breaking Church News

Adventist Singers Win NBC Sing-Off

NOTA gains recording contract, national attention.

Update From Haiti

Here's the latest dispatch from the earthquake-ravaged island.

Church Leaders Comment on Climate Summit

Caring for the environment is "Christian issue," GC prsident says.

Russian Proposal May Restrict Missionary Activity

Amendments trouble religious liberty advocates.

ADRA's Antiviolence Campaign Succeeding

EnditNow is global effort.

"Follow the Bible" Helps Adventists Reach Jamaica

Traveling Bible makes a national impact.

World Religious News

Headlines From Religion News Service

James Dobson Plans New Radio Ministry

He leaves Focus on the Family in February.

N. J. Senate Rejects Same-sex Marriage Bill

Proponents promise a court battle.

Jordan Files Complaint Over Dead Sea Scrolls

Jordan claims the scolls were seized wrongfully in the Six-Day War of 1967.

Charges of Religion-related Job Bias Hits Record High

The number of 2009 complaints were the second highest ever.

January 20, 2010 Adventist Review

The Decision (That No One Want to Make)

When we go from children to caregivers

When You are Alone With God

Solitude is an opportunity for growth.

Living History

An old photograph and the memories it resurrects

What People Swallow

Why do people believe weird things?

Pastors: Unsung Heroes of the Church

Pastors who serve on the frontlines are the denominations' unsung heroes.

Your E-Letters

Our readers respond to the latest AR articles.

This Week's Special Features

Haiti: How to be a Good Samaritan

God loves cheerful and careful givers.

They Love Jesus, They Don't Love the Church

Can you have one without the other?

Slaying Your Golden Calf

What personal golden calves do you have?

Twenty-first Century Dating: Does it Even Exist?

Old rules are out. But what are the new rules?

Waldenses in America?

Some descendants of the defenders of Christian orthodoxy at home in the U.S.

A Shelter in the Time of Storm

Let our houses of worship truly be "storm homes."

Your Bible Questions Answered

A collection of answers to some deep Bible questions


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