January 16, 2012
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High Court Sides with Churches in Employment Fights

Religious leaders see decision as victory for religious freedom.

Assemblies of God Starts a Church a Day

AOG has 12,595 churches in the U.S.

Unbelievers Growing Fast in the U.K.

Declared Christians dropped by seven percent in 2010.

White House Staffers Have Catholic, Jewish Ties

Catholic voters make up 25 percent of the U.S. electorate.

This Week's Special Features

Psyche, Psuche, and Soul

Cover Feature: Jennifer Jill Schwirzer poses the question: Can we really turn to the Bible for help?

Measures of Faith

Searching the Obvious: How profound is a mother's faith? ask Dixil Rodríguez.

First Things First

Editorial: Bill Knott talks about the root of discipleship.

Adventists and Alcohol

Web Exclusive: With studies showing the benefits of alcohol use, how should Adventists respond? asks Dr. Peter Landless.

Loser Man

Theology: Lael Caesar suggests, "You don't become God by getting anything."

Becoming What We Are Not

Biblical Studies: Sanctification is not a place at which one arrives, but a way one travels, suggests Rex Edwards.

False Flags

Transformation Tips: How do we spot false flags? Ask Delbert Baker.


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