January 14, 2011
Breaking Church News

New Church Resources Available for Smartphones

InPrayer application released by General Conference;
White Estate, Sabbath School issue new apps, upgrades.

Adventists Join in Prayer Over Arizona Shooting

Gunman kills six, injures U.S. Congresswoman.

Papua New Guinea Adventists Confront Massive Growth, Challenges

One mission drops leaders to add pastors.

Adventist to Walk Length of New Zealand in Anti-suicide Bid

World church plans conference on emotional health.

'No Turning Back' Is Wilson's New Year's Appeal at GYC Event

The General Conference president urges Adventist youth to faithfulness.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Iran: Dozens of Christians Arrested, Reports Indicate

Campaign against converts to Christianity alleged.

Egyptian (Coptic) Church Bombing Kills 21

Christians protest, attack Muslims.

IHOP Restaurants Drop Suit Against IHOP (the church)

The restaurant chain claimed the church had infringed its trademark.

Gallup: More Religious, More Healthy

More than 550,000 people were surveyed.

This Week's Special Features

Winds of Renewal, Flames of Reformation

The call of God runs the risk of being ignored by many.

Bucking the Trend

A focus on Jesus should be the start of all New Year's resolutions.

I Just Wanted to Volunteer

The Holy Spirit whispers different things to different people.

Focused and Undivided: A Success Story

There's a blessing for those who aren't easily distracted.

"We're All One Army"

Editor Bill Knott interviews Justin McNeilus, president of Generation of Youth for Christ.

Lessons From The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Gary B. Swanson shares his perspective of C. S. Lewis's classic work.

Top 10 Religion Stories of 2010

New York Mosque is RNA's #1 religion story of the year.

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

David Asscherick underlines an urgent end-time value.


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