February 9, 2015
Visit The Screening Room

The Adventist Review Online introduces a brand new feature we call The Screening Room. This new feature showcases videos produced by Seventh-day Adventist filmmakers. In time, The Screening Room library will feature a wide array of content, including documentaries, short stories, devotional thoughts, testimonies, and more. This week's feature, To the Ends of the Earth, showcases the ministry of Maranatha Volunteers International. To view the video click here.

Breaking Church News

Nigerian Adventists to Miss Key Elections on Sabbath

Church leaders seek prayers and donations after escalating violence kills six members.

Who's That Adventist Woman Beside Martin Luther King Jr.?

Yolanda Clarke says a pivotal day in civil rights history bears a message for Adventists today.

Former GC Vice President Prepares His Wife for His Death

Francis Wernick, a former GC vice president, points to faith and the resurrection.

'Shake Africa for Christ -- Jesus Is Coming Soon!'

Transcript of Adventist Church leader Ted N.C. Wilson’s sermon at the East-Central Africa Division’s Mission Extravaganza.

Update on Injured UC Student

The 23-year-old student was in a safety harness when she fell 23 feet.

With Wilson's Pledge, Flood-Hit Indian School is Fully Restored

The Adventist Church leader visits a remote corner of India during a seven-country trip.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

IRS Urged to Clarify Political Endorsement Rules

Religious and secular advocates seek more clarity.

Survey: Freedom of the Press trumps Respect for Religion

More than 1,000 adults were surveyed.

ATF Offer $20,000 for Tips on Church Arson After Ferguson Riots

A total of 26 fires were set in the Ferguson area.

Los Angeles: Muslim Women Start a Mosque of Their Own

About 100 women attended the prayer service.

This Week's Special Features

The Elder Brother

January 22 Cover Feature: "Grace bestowed is nothing to bitterly regret. It is something, in the spirit of our Elder Brother, to generously share," says Dean Waterman.

Jesus Wept

Editorial: "But we and He still do weep for different reasons," says Lael Caesar.

This World Is . . . Actually Our Home

The Life of Faith: Andy Nash talks about the new earth and what awaits us.

Religious Liberty vs. Erotic Liberty

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Albert Mohler comments on the firing of Kelvin Cochran, former chief of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, who was terminated for his biblical view of marriage.

“You Visited Me”

Adventist Life: Dwain Esmond reports on doing time with United Prison Ministries International.


Story: Alejandro Medina's powerful experience of serving God in the middle of a drug war.

Required: Personal Experience

Back to Basics: "Our anchor can and will hold only if, like the Samaritans, our faith is built on nothing less than a personal knowledge and experience of Jesus Christ’s righteousness," says Hyveth Williams.

Aldergrove Church

The Aldergrove Seventh-day Adventist Church is located in Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada. Under the leadership of Pastor David Jamieson, the church has several innovative ministries, including an aggressive Internet ministry.

Let's Pray

The Adventist Review staff meets each Wednesday morning at 8:15 for worship and prayer. We'd love to include your prayer requests, so send them to prayer@adventistreview.org. Let's share in each others' lives.

AR Video Report

For 165 years the Adventist Review has inspired believers to deepen their relationship with God. Today we’re more vigorous than ever. We’re growing, changing, adapting to the times. Watch this video and you’ll be inspired too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjJWKcQjjVQ

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