February 7, 2011
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For Egypt's Christians, Conditions Could Worsen

Egypt riots are different than Tunisia uprisings.

Judge Kills Most Lutheran Retirees' Claims

Pensioners allegedly owed $40 million.

Catholic Hospitals, Bishops Reach Accord

Bishops get final say on medical morality questions.

U.S. Muslim Population to Double in 20 Years

Muslims will eclipse 6.2 million.

This Week's Special Features

A Mission to Oregon

The western United States wasn't always as civilized as it is now.

Eyes Wide Open

Jesus challenges us to watchfulness and readiness.

Unavoidably His

How does revival begin? How does it continue?

Oops! I Guess I'm Going to Hell

How to embrace the reality of the assurance of salvation.

No Turning Back

Jill Morikone reflects on the Generation of Youth for Christ convention.

Let Them Have Sex. . . Later

When God spreads before us that feast of wedded bliss--bon appetit!

Do We Need Adventist Megachurches?

Is bigger necessarily better?

Remembering Neal C. Wilson

Profile of a former GC president. 


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