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February 6, 2015
Breaking Church News

With Wilson's Pledge, Flood-Hit Indian School is Fully Restored

The Adventist Church leader visits a remote corner of India during a seven-country trip.

IAD Invites Pastor's Families Watch Special Online Broadcast

The Inter-American Division will live-stream the program on February 6.

Driving Force Behind Andrews Study Bible Dead at 54

Erno Gyeresi, who worked 13 years as a pastor in Romania and 13 years at Andrews University Press, dies after a struggle with cancer.

What Adventists Can Learn From the Pope’s Philippine Visit

News commentary: The overwhelming response of Filipinos shows that people want God to draw near.

In a First, ADRA Offers New Mattresses to Ebola Victims

The decontamination program is the only one in Sierra Leone to fight the virus by replacing bedding.

This Week's Special Features

Jesus Wept

Editorial: "But we and He still do weep for different reasons," says Lael Caesar.

This World Is . . . Actually Our Home

The Life of Faith: Andy Nash talks about the new earth and what awaits us.

Religious Liberty vs. Erotic Liberty

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Albert Mohler comments on the firing of Kelvin Cochran, former chief of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, who was terminated for his biblical view of marriage.

“You Visited Me”

Adventist Life: Dwain Esmond reports on doing time with United Prison Ministries International.

The Elder Brother

January 22 Cover Feature: "Grace bestowed is nothing to bitterly regret. It is something, in the spirit of our Elder Brother, to generously share," says Dean Waterman.


Story: Alejandro Medina's powerful experience of serving God in the middle of a drug war.

Required: Personal Experience

Back to Basics: "Our anchor can and will hold only if, like the Samaritans, our faith is built on nothing less than a personal knowledge and experience of Jesus Christ’s righteousness," says Hyveth Williams.

Aldergrove Church

The Aldergrove Seventh-day Adventist Church is located in Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada. Under the leadership of Pastor David Jamieson, the church has several innovative ministries, including an aggressive Internet ministry.

Let's Pray

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