February 4, 2013
AHS Seeks Retirement Educator

Adventist Health System (AHS), along with the Adventist HealthCare Retirement Plan is looking for an experienced retirement planning professional in the Central Florida region.  This person will be responsible for communicating and educating AHS employees about important retirement information that will aid in making sound decisions in regards to retirement selections. Required: Three years experience working with retirement plans or employee benefits. If you are interested or know someone who is, please email your resume to david.gordon@ahss.org today!

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Arkansas Senate OKs Guns in Churches

The measure passed 28-4.

At Superbowl Halftime, a Religious Alternative

Christian halftime shows are on the rise.

Lutherans Warn Vatican Against Simpler Conversions

The move would harm inter-faith dialogue, leaders say.

As Flu Outbreak Spreads, Faith Leaders Preach Caution

The flu epidemic has spread across 48 states.

This Week's Special Features

Celebrate Your Troubles

Web Exclusive: An excerpt from the book Blessings of Adversity by U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black.

And There was Gossip in Heaven

Heart and Soul Theology: Richard Davidson on waging war with wicked words.

What's a Body to Do?

January 24 Cover Feature: Gina Wahlen's story of what we should do when there are no guarentees for our health and well-being.

Reclaiming the Name "Protestant"

Web Exclusive: An interview with Dr. Nicholas Miller, author of The Religious Roots of the First Amendment.

Tried and True

Editorial: Sandra Blackmer shows that we can all have a part in telling the story of Jesus.

Taking the Hint

Dateline Moscow: How can we face our responsibilities? Ask Andrew McChesney.

Religious Freedom in America

Cover Feature: Nicholas Miller looks at what the future holds for, the church, and the country in the coming year.

Putting Away Childish things

40 Below: "How do we strive for spiritual adulthood?" Here is Lindsey Gendke's take.


More Features

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Serving northwest Washington, Radio of Hope - Nine One One, is owned and operated by the Port Townsend Seventh-day Adventist Church. Operating from the Olympic Peninsula, KROH is a new, listener-supported station currently broadcasting 24 hours a day at 91.1 FM and via the Internet. Safe for every member of the family, Radio of Hope - Nine One One features traditional Christian music and programs focusing on "Christ our Righteousness".  LISTEN NOW

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