February 26, 2010
Breaking Church News

Adventists Featured on Humane Society Web Page

HSUS lauds church's creation care stance.

2010 Ministry Seminar to Originate From Pasadena

The event will feature noted theologians.

Florida Hospital Gets $4.2 Million Grant

Funds will be used for surgical robotic research.

Orlando Conference Provides Health Ministries Training

Adventist health message, a tool to reach the community.

Updates From Haiti

Read our latest reporrts.

This Week's Special Features

Are Women Really Unhappy?

An Adventist theologian responds to Albert Mohler's article on women.

Another Battle Over David and Goliath

Engaging critical scholarship over the trustworthiness of Scripture

9 Children Face an Angry Town

Another look at the Little Rock 9

Don't Pick Up!

On being among those that call on Jesus out of a pure heart

Stretching Our Faith

When God asks us to do something, He will help us accomplish the task.

Slaying Your Golden Calf

What personal golden calves do you have?

They Love Jesus; They Don't Love the Church

Can you have one without the other?


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