February 23, 2011
Breaking Church News

David Lin, Adventist Pastor in China, Dies

He remained faithful to ministry despite Communist regime's persecution.

Adventists Respond to Human Need in New Zealand Quake

Temblor kills at least 65; sanitarium grounds are triage area.

Mississippi Adventist Confirmed as U.S. Fifth Circuit Judge

James E. Graves, Jr., served 10 years on state supreme court.

GC President Has Bible Study With Prime Minister

Wilson meets Papua new Guinea's leader.

New E.G. White Research Center Serves Central American Church

Center opens in Costa Rica.

Dorothy Jones Mails Out Love

Alabama member encourages the often forgotten.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Report: U.S. Church Crime up 44 Percent

Many churches need tighter security measures.

At 102, George Beverly Shea Receives Lifetime Grammy Award

He worked with Billy Graham for more than 60 years.

Netherlands: A Modern Noah Builds His Ark

The buider will take the vessel on a worldwide tour.

Court: Jehovah's Witnesses Need Better Access to Homes

ACLU hails the court ruling.

February 24, 2011 Adventist Review

Adventism's First Black Family

The story of a family who played a significant but almost unknown role in Seventh-day Adventist history.

Apocalypse (Relevant) Now?

Nearly everyone has an opinion about the end of the world. So?

Preaching the Everlasting Gospel to All the Earth

They are no lost causes.

Whistling in the Light

Across the face of Adventism, investment opportunities abound.

The Best Job in the World

Is your current work exactly where Jesus wants you? That's all that matters.

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This Week's Special Features

Near-Death Delusions

We've been warned that Satan's final delusions will be very powerful.

Let the Rebelution Begin

Why today's youth and young adults are resisting society's attempts to categorize them.

Sabbath, Movies, and the Plains of Moab

Translating timeless truths into increasingly challenging situations.

Revival for What?

The purpose of revival is to draw us so close to Jesus that His love overflows from us to others.

From the Hood to the Hill

The story of U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black

November 19

An excerpt from the book Love, Kirsten, the saga of slain student missionary Kirsten Wolcott. 

Not Business as Usual

Paying attention when God calls us out of our comfort zones is not always easy.


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Life + Health Network is a 24/7 health ministry that broadcasts on satellite (Galaxy19), internet, IPTV (Roku), and iPhone app. The video programs are focused on sharing the Adventist health message to those who are searching for answers to chronic health challenges. Started by Adventist Medical Evangelistic Network, Life + Health Network is continuing to find new and creative ways to provide hope and healing while sharing the gospel.

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