February 17, 2010
Breaking Church News

Russian Pioneer Mikhail Kulakov Dies

He secretly operated the Adventist work in the former Soviet Union

Washington Churches Launch a New TV Channel

It's the first Russian-language channel in Washington state.

Lawyer's Blog Ministering When Many Need It Most

Kent Hanson reaches 4,000 people via the Internet.

Fourteen and Counting

Bert Beach reflects on GC sessions, past and present.

Update From Haiti

Earthquake survivors pick up the pieces, minister to others.

World Religion News

Headlines from Religion News Service

Charities Push Back on Plan to Limit Tax Deductions

A proposed limitation is included in the 2011 U.S. budget.

Vatican Calls for 'Ecumenical Catechism'

New document would promote common beliefs of Catholics and major Protestant churches.

Pastors Challenge Hate-crimes Law

The law was expanded last year to include sexual orientation.

No Consensus For Obama Advisors on Tricky Church-state Issues

The council wants churches to form corporations for federally-funded social services.

February 18, 2010 Adventist Review

Claim Your Campus

What can the chruch do for young adults on college and university campuses?

Press Power

The power of the printed word still changes lives.

"The Morning Train"

Learning a critical lesson from the American slaves

Stretching Our Faith

When God asks us to do something, He will help us accomplish the task.

Life in a Phrase

How would you sum up your life in six little words?

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This Week's Special Features

Claiming the Promise

Celebrating the historic contributions of Adventist and other Christians with an African-American heritage

Why, God, Why?

There is a time for everything—even for complaining to God.

Why are so Many Women Unhappy?

A look at a delicate topic from Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Seminary

What Lies Ahead

When we pray for God's leading what happens? Amazing stuff.

Slaying Your Golden Calf

What personal golden calves do you have?

They Love Jesus; They Don't Love the Church

Can you have one without the other?

Sifting Through the Past

At a 1919 Bible conference, church leaders grappled with issues of biblical and prophetic interpretation.

I Gave God My Broken Heart

A mother has to stand by as her daughter fights for her life.


Into the Mission Field

Produced by Maranatha Volunteers International, based in Sacramento, California, this weekly 30-minute telecast features stories from around the world. Host Dick Duerksen introduces viewers to communities that have been changed, and shares personal testimonies from volunteers who have been touched by Maranatha. Click on the link above to learn more.

Need Prayer?

Send us your requests today. We meet to pray for readers all over the world every Wednesday morning. Write to prayer@adventistreview.org

ADRA Emergency Response

ADRA is staging relief operations at Haiti Adventist University, where up to 30,000 survivors have temporary shelter. ADRA is distributing food supplies, medical assistance, clean water, emergency nonfood items; and building latrines to improve sanitation. To learn more about their ongoing response to the earthquake in Haiti, visit the ADRA Web site.

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