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February 13, 2015
Breaking Church News

WWU Student Dies After Bicycle Crash

Students held prayer vigils for Madison Baird.

NAD Education Chief Seeks Change at U.S. Boarding Schools

Larry Blackmer calls for a strategic plan after announcement of Mount Vernon Academy's impending closure.

West Washington ABC For Sale

A decision by local church leaders to sell puts a renewed spotlight on the future of the struggling bookstores.

SWAU Gets Record $2 Million Gift

The endowment from Adventist Health System will establish a new academic chair.

250 Elderly Thais Get Free Eye Care at Adventist University

Asia-Pacific International University hosts a five-day free clinic.

AUCA Goes Hi-Tech, Wins Praise From Rwanda's Premier

The Adventist University of Central Africa opens a state-of-the-art facility where smartboards replace chalkboards.

If the Samaritan Woman at the Well Used Facebook

An online forum looks at new ways to use emerging technology to share Jesus.

We Ask God to Open Eyes, Not Ears

News commentary: As a deaf person, so many barriers in society, even in our church, obstruct my knowledge of the Creator.

This Week's Special Features

That Box in the Attic

Editorial: Bill Knott found mementos of a different time in his life, describes how his values have been reshaped by grace.

REACH: Through Their Eyes

Cover Feature: Anna Bartlett reports on a new approach in Philadelphia to reach people the "old-fashioned" way.

Youth "Rule" in Pennsylvania

Cover Feature: Tamyra Horst on how the Pennsylvania Conference manages to make ministry cool.

This World Is . . . Actually Our Home

The Life of Faith: Andy Nash talks about the new earth and what awaits us.

Visit the Screening Room

WEB EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: View short video features produced by Adventist filmmakers.This week's offering is "To the Ends of the Earth" which showcases the work of Maranatha Volunteers International.

The Elder Brother

January 22 Cover Feature: "Grace bestowed is nothing to bitterly regret. It is something, in the spirit of our Elder Brother, to generously share," says Dean Waterman.

Jesus Wept

Editorial: "But we and He still do weep for different reasons," says Lael Caesar.

Escrito Está

The largest Adventist Spanish telecast in the world has been in production for 17 years. Based in Simi Valley, California, Escrito Está is the Spanish arm of the It Is Written broadcast ministry. Under the direction of Robert E. Costa, the ministry now reaches every continent. In addition to the weekly program, the ministry also produces an Internet-based daily devotional series called Una Mejor Manera de Vivir (A Better Way to Live).

Let's Pray

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