February 13, 2013
Breaking Church News

Adventists Launch "Mission to Cities" in London

Major urban initiative targets growth.

6,000 Youth Gather at GYC Event

Young adults bring witness and ministry to Seattle.

End Child Abuse Campaign Releases Digital Kit

ARM sponsors the Seven Campaign.

Poll: Religious Liberty Views Mixed in U.S.

Many feel traditional values are at risk.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Pope Benedict to Resign, Citing Age

The Pontiff will step down on February 28.

White House Expands Exemptions From Contraception Mandate

New rules seek to address religious freedom concerns.

Justin Welby Confirmed as New Archbishop of Canterbury

Welby takes over from Rowan Williams.

Catholic, Reformed Churches Agree on Baptism

Agreement signed to recognize each other's sacraments of baptism.

Florida Retirement Complex Caters to Hindu Immigrants

Elderly Indians often suffer from social isolation in later years.

February 14, 2013, Adventist Review

Must Love God

Cover Feature: Kimberly Luste Maran takes an honest look at Adventists looking for love in cyberspace.

Moving in the Same Direction

Theology: Thoughts about the unity of our church from Gerhard Pfandl.

After the Flood

Editorial: "The true story of the Adventist experience is a continuing 'people's history' of the grace and goodness of God," says Bill Knott.

Of Mangoes and God's Compassion

Searching the Obvious: Dixil Rodríguez believes there must be room for the Holy Spirit to remain among us.

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This Week's Special Features

Taking the Hint

Dateline Moscow: How can we face our responsibilities? Ask Andrew McChesney.

The Gehazi Syndrome: Suffering Familiarity With the Holy

Web Exclusive: The story of Elisha's servant speaks to busy pastors, professors, administrators, says Gerald Klingbeil.

Tried and True

Editorial: Sandra Blackmer shows that we can all have a part in telling the story of Jesus.

Celebrate Your Troubles

Web Exclusive: An excerpt from the book Blessings of Adversity by U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black.

And There Was Gossip in Heaven

Heart and Soul Theology: Richard Davidson on waging war with wicked words.

What's a Body to Do?

January 24 Cover Feature: Gina Wahlen's story of what we should do when there are no guarantees for our health and well-being.

Religious Freedom in America

January 10 Cover Feature: Nicholas Miller looks at what the future holds for the church and the country in the coming year.


More Features

La Voz de La Esperanza

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