February 11, 2011
Breaking Church News

Step Forward for Church-state Relations in Azerbaijan

Adventist leaders seek to ease tensions with government.

GC World Budget Totals $160 Million

Funds support missions, administrative work.

Adventist Scholar Roger Coon Dies

Retired White Estate associate director also co-founded what became Babcock University.

Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission to Get New Headquarters

New entity serves Bahamas, Caymans, and Turks and Caicos islands.

Adventist Filmmaker Releases Haiti Earthquake Documentary

Video airs on www.hulu.com

This Week's Special Features

God Rules--But How?

Do we have to see a burning bush before we know God is leading us?

November 19

An excerpt from the book Love, Kirsten, the saga of slain student missionary Kirsten Wolcott. 

Not Business as Usual

Paying attention when God calls us out of our comfort zones is not always easy.

From the Hood to the Hill

The story of U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black

A Mission to Oregon

The western United States wasn't always as civilized as it is now.

Unavoidably His

How does revival begin? How does it continue?

Oops! I Guess I'm Going to Hell

How to embrace the reality of the assurance of salvation.


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