February 1, 2010
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Headlines from Religion News Service

UK Bishops Block Parliament Move to Force Hiring of Gays in Churches

There are 26 bishops in England's House of Lords.

Poll: Nearly Half of Americans Admit to Anti-Muslim Bias

The Gallup Center released the study.

Military Contractor to Pull Bible Verses on Weapons

Bible references drew complaints from believers and atheists alike.

French Eye Partial Ban on Islamic Veils

Face-covering veils may be outlawed.


Updates From Haiti

Tensions rise Among survivors desperate for aid.

ADRA Emergency Response

ADRA is staging relief operations at Haiti Adventist University, where up to 30,000 survivors have temporary shelter. ADRA is distributing food supplies, medical assistance, clean water, emergency non-food items; and building latrines to improve sanitation. To learn more about their ongoing response to the earthquake in Haiti, visit the ADRA Web site.

This Week's Special Features

Slaying Your Golden Calf

What personal golden calves do you have?

They Love Jesus; They Don't Love the Church

Can you have one without the other?

Sifting Through the Past

At a 1919 Bible conference church leaders grappled with issues of biblical and prophetic interpretation.

I Gave God My Broken Heart

A mother has to stand by as her daughter fights for her life.

The Decision (That No One Wants to Make)

Caring for aging parents

What People Swallow

Why do people believe weird things?

Waldenses in America?

Some descendants of the defenders of Christian orthodoxy at home in the U.S.A.


Praise 90.1 – Inspirational Food for the Soul

Broadcasting throughout the Tennessee Valley for 25 years, Praise 90.1 (WOCG FM) is owned and operated by Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama. The noncommercial format includes brief educational and spiritually uplifting programs along with a unique music format called Inspirational Soul.

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