December 9, 2011
Adventist Community Services Offering on December 10

Adventist Community Services (ACS) transforms lives and communities in the United States and Bermuda. From providing assistance to people affected by natural disasters, and offering ongoing support to New Orleans, to creative projects such as a soup kitchen that grew into a church, ACS volunteers are taking Christ to the world. Your gift to the ACS offering on December 10 helps this humanitarian agency expand its sacred work. To learn more or to donate now, visit

Breaking Church News

Adventist Radio Network Helps Send Rice to Cambodia

Positive Life Radio's listeners help hungry in Asia.

Texas Adventists Bring Good News to Zambia

Joshua church travels long distance to preach.

"Canadá para Cristo" Nets 179 Baptisms and Candidates

Effort unites 12 Spanish-speaking congregations.

Ministers Connect in Regionwide Virtual Council

Online meeting draws 3,000 pastors.

British Adventists Should "Look at Reality," BUC President Says

Ian Sweeney urges evangelistic push.

This Week's Special Features

Her Music Continues

Cover Feature: Virginia-Gene Rittenhouse was one of Adventism's
great musical visionaries. Just ask Jennifer Mae Barizo.

What the Prodigal Did Right!

Devotional: Beatrice Neall on lessons learned about repentance

If the Creation Account Isn't True...

Editorial: Mark A. Kellner is not ashamed to believe what God says. End of story.

The Perfect Video Projector

Dateline Moscow: Andrew McChesney shares the latest from his adventures of living a life for God in Russia.

Feeling Connected

Web Exclusive: Gary B. Swanson reminds us that everyone is hardwired for connectedness.

Their Church, or My Church?

Cover: How are the children of immigrants relating to congregations designed for their parents? asks Wilona Karimabadi.

Boonstra: Would Jesus Be in Zuccotti Park?

Web Exclusive: Shawn Boonstra shares a commentary on Jesus and protest movements.


Adventist World Radio

With administrative offices at the Adventist world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, Adventist World Radio (AWR) is the official radio ministry of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church. AWR broadcasts inspirational programs to remote audiences around the world. With studios in 70 countries, the ministry broadcasts in nearly 70 languages.

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