December 24, 2009
Breaking Church News

HIV/AIDS Programs Support African Communities

AIDS International Ministry, ADRA Teach Prevention, provide livelihoods.

Adventist Mission Helps Siberians Find Hope

Church workers active in remote areas.

LLU Opens Geoinformatics Lab

New technology aids in solving health problems.

Longtime Religious Liberty Leader Adrian Westney Dies

He raised the profile of freedom issues via radio


December 24, 2009 Adventist Review

The Strong Galilean

Do we know whom we celebrate when we celebrate Christ's birth?

A Great Awakening

An "army of youth" meets to pray, study, and evangelize.

Yes! And Good Riddance!

Looking back (narrowly) on a difficult year.

Council Blues

The story of Jesus is the best antidote for council blues and waiting sores.

Here's to You, PVA

Do you remember your high school days? Jimmy Phillips shares some fond memories.

Readers Respond

Read what fellow AR readers are saying.

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This Week's Special Features

Christmas With a Purpose

A collection of articles from our archives that will help you focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

Ellen White and Christmas

A church pioneer offers counsel on observing Christmas.

Open Letter to an Adventist Leader

A call for more transparency in ministry

A Certain Sound, or a Comfortable Sound?

We need leaders for the future who will blow a "certain sound," not just a comfortable sound.

Simply Another Church?

Are Seventh-day Adventists really unique?

Managing Holiday Stress

What do you do when all the peace and goodwill of the season miss you completely?

God's End-Time Remnant

What kind of people is He looking for?

The Biggest Unsolved Mystery

Why is the media taken with end-time events?


Visit Loma Linda University Church

Based on the university campus in Loma Linda, California, this church houses the largest Seventh-day Adventist congregation in North America. Under the leadership of pastor Randy Roberts, the church has spawned several ministries, including an interactive Internet ministry that spreads its reach worldwide. Click on the link above to tune in.


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