December 23, 2013
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Conservatives: Utah Polygamy Ruling Confirms Our Worst Fears

Utah laws criminalizing polygamy declared unconstitutional.

Radio Host Who Predicted World's End Dies

Harold Camping was 92.

Poll: Many See Christmas as Commercial Holiday

People will spend an average of $914.

British Shop Owners Threatened With 40 Lashes

Protestors demand Muslim-owned businesses to stop selling alcohol.

This Week's Special Features

H3 Missions: Help for Hurting Humanity

Adventist Life: Features editor Sandra Blackmer interviews Nyron McLean about providing aid to those still recovering from the earthquake that jolted Haiti.

I Delight to Do Your Will

Editorial: Gerald A Klingbeil declares, "I pray for the joy of seeing God's perfect law at play in my heart."

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

Heart and Soul: Devotional: Emanuel Millen believes that gifts fit for a king are also powerful symbols of spiritual truth.

The Color of Freedom

December 19 Cover: Many people imagine Jesus as bland and one-dimensional. They are wrong, says William G. Johnsson.

The Best and the Brightest

Heart and Soul: Biblical Studies: The quest for truth goes best with humility, according to Clifford Goldstein.

A Living Tribute: Dr. Leona Running

Web Exclusive: Karen K. Abrahamson shares her appreciation of Running's life of ministry.

"Eat Your Vegetables"

Column: Introducing the Why: Its all about God's temple, says Jimmy Phillips.

Red Intrepid

Editorial: God raised men and women unafraid to travel light, according to Bill Knott.

Christmas With Abraham

December 12 Cover: What happens when God comes to dinner?


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