December 20, 2010
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Recession Catches up to U.S. Churches

Poll shows three years of reduced offerings.  

Fewer 'Middle Americans' Married, Attending Church

High school grads make up 58 percent of U.S. population.  

U.S. Jews, Evangelicals Help Israel Rebuild After Fires

Wildfires killed 43 people in December.  

Oregon Releases Policy For Religious Clothing at Schools

The new law takes affect July 1, 2011.

This Week's Special Features

Christmas in My Heart — and Beyond

An inside look at culture, story, and God with Joe Wheeler.

Remembering Neal C. Wilson 1920—2010

He led the North American church and the world headquarters through a time of growth and challenge.

Pastor, How Long Do You Pray?

A prayer life has to be measured by the type of relationship with God it fosters.

And All God's People Said...

Mark Finley reminds that a remarkable revival of "medical missionary work" among Adventist health professionals.

Surviving the Holidays

What do you do when all the peace and goodwill of the season misses you completely.

Listening to Habakkuk

When it seems as though God is taking a vacation, it's time to re-read this not-so-minor prophet.

Escape the Bondage of Busyness

Michael Zigarelli offers new hope for the overstressed.


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