December 19, 2011
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New Study Reveals Public's View of Southern Baptists

The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest Protestant body in the U.S.

American Cardinal John Foley Dies

He apparently suffered from leukemia.

Study: Atheists Distrusted as Much as Rapists

Nearly 800 people participated in the survey.

Muslim Reality TV Show Stirs Pushback

Companies pull ads from "All-American Muslim"

This Week's Special Features

When Angels Won't Do

Cilff's Edge: Clifford Goldstein asserts that the sacrifice of Christ centers on the sacredness of God’s law.

Celebrating with Compassion

Editorial: Carlos Medley reminds us that giving is better than receiving this holiday season.

Frontline Witnessing

Cover Feature: Sandra Blackmer shares the story of student colporteurs sharing Jesus door to door.

The Man in the Red Suit or the Humble Shepherd

40 Below: What's the real story of Christmas? Erica Richards explains.

Love's Pure Light (Video)

Web Exclusive: Watch the 2006 Christmas television show.

Her Music Continues

Cover Feature: Virginia-Gene Rittenhouse was one of Adventism's
great musical visionaries. Just ask Jennifer Mae Barizo.

What the Prodigal Did Right!

Devotional: Honesty with self is a great and painful virtue, says Beatrice Neall.

Feeling Connected

Web Exclusive: Gary B. Swanson reminds us that everyone is hardwired for connectedness.


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