December 16, 2009
Breaking Church News

Philanthropic Pioneer Milton Murray Dies

He died December 9 in Loma Linda, California.

GC Keeps In-House Expenses Under Budget

But hiring freeze begins to thaw.

Christian Record Gets New Press

Printing efficiency improves for large-print magazines.

Program Grooms Adventists Under 30 for Church Work

Participants eager for long-term leadership opportunities

World Religion News

Headlines from Religion News Service

Vatican, Russia Agree to Full Diplomatic Ties

The move is seen as healing decades of mutual suspicion and tension.

Anti-Muslim Discrimination Up, Hate Crimes Down

American Muslims continue to fear profiling and surveillance.

NIH Approves Stem Cell Line as Obama Revamps Bioethics Panel

First human embryonic stem cell lines approved for research

Fire Safety Reminders Issued

Candles, electric lights create hazards.

December 17, 2009, Adventist Review

A Light From Artichoke Lake

The gospel goes behind prison walls.

Just a God Thing

When money is short, should it go into the offering plate?

Simply Another Church?

How Seventh-day Adventists are unique

An Open Letter to an Adventist Leader

What about transparency in ministry?

A Certain Sound, or a Comfortable Sound?

We need leaders for the future who will blow a "certain sound," not just a comfortable sound.

"Readers Respond"

See what other readers are saying.

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This Week's Special Features

Managing Holiday Stress

What do you do when all the peace and goodwill of the season misses you completely?

Not Just Another Brick in the Wall

Say "church" and most of us think "building." But it's much more than that.

God's End-Time Remnant

What kind of people is He looking for?

The Biggest Unsolved Mystery

Why is the media taken with end-time events?

Loaves and Haystacks

If the words "Haystack," "Special K Loaf," and "Big Franks" make your mouth water, read this.

Are You Psychic or Something?

An impromptu conversation turns into an opportunity to share Christ.

Marriage, Homosexuality, and the Church

A landmark conference probes difficult issues.


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