December 15, 2010
Breaking Church News

Julia Bethea is Still Cooking at 103

Bethea has lived to see 18 presidents

John Bradshaw is New 'It Is Written' Speaker/Director

Shawn Boonstra steps aside for health reasons.

In Euro-Asia, Adventist Leadership Connects With Missing Members

"Return Home" project prepares the region for membership audits.

New Pidgin Hymnal Unites Papuan Members

The songbook offers lyrics in local language.

Neal C. Wilson Dies -- Story Coming

It is with regret that we note the passing, on December 14, 2010, of Elder Neal C. Wilson, who served for 12 years as president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and is the father of current G.C. president Ted N.C. Wilson. The Adventist Review will post an online obituary later today. Please keep the Wilson family in your prayers.
World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Christian "Hemorrhage" Increases in Iraq

More than half the Christians have fled since 2003. 

German Christians Fight For Right to Home-school

The practice is illegal in Germany. 

Prop 8 Case Spurs Rally of Faith Groups

Prop 8 goes to Federal appeals court. 

Former Anglican Head Bemoans Attempt to 'Air-brush' Christianity

George Carey says society is re-branding Christmas as a secular holiday.

December 16, 2010 Adventist Review

Christmas in My Heart--and Beyond

Joe Wheeler has built a reputation on collecting and sharing good literature.

Why Jesus Was Born in a Manger

Have you ever wondered why Jesus was lying in a manger?

Listening to Habakkuk

When it seens as though God is taking a vacation, it's time to re-read this not-so-minor prophet.

A Temple Reborn

To see Adventist identity and mission reborn in our schools, we've got some work to do.

Finding Rest Again

In your faith life, there's hope if you find yourself in a desert.

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This Week's Special Features

Surviving the Holidays

What do you do when all the peace and goodwill of the season misses you completely.

And All God's People Said...

Mark Finley reminds that a remarkable revival of "medical missionary work" among Adventist health professionals.

Pastor, How Long Do You Pray?

A prayer life has to be measured by the type of relationship with God it fosters.

God or Nothing

Heisman, Jacobi, Hawking. They're right. God, or nothing.

Escape the Bondage of Busyness

Michael Zigarelli offers new hope for the overstressed. 

Dual Citizenship

Our home is in heaven, but our responsibilities are here on earth.


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