December 12, 2011
World Religion News

Billy Graham Released From Hospital

The evangelist suffered from pneumonia.

One-third of Shelter Residents are Newly Homeless

One of five are victims of violence.

High Court Upholds NYC Ban on Churches in Schools

About 60 churches use public schools in New York city.

U.S. Cuban Church Leaders Seek 'Normalized Relations'

The U.S. embargo against Cuba has hindered relations.

This Week's Special Features

If the Creation Account Isn't True...

Editorial: Mark A. Kellner is not ashamed to believe what God says. End of story.

Her Music Continues

Cover Feature: Virginia-Gene Rittenhouse was one of Adventism's
great musical visionaries. Just ask Jennifer Mae Barizo.

What the Prodigal Did Right!

Devotional: Beatrice Neall on lessons learned about repentance

The Perfect Video Projector

Dateline Moscow: Andrew McChesney shares the latest from his adventures of living a life for God in Russia.

Feeling Connected

Web Exclusive: Gary B. Swanson reminds us that everyone is hardwired for connectedness.

Their Church, or My Church?

Cover: How are the children of immigrants relating to congregations designed for their parents? asks Wilona Karimabadi.

Boonstra: Would Jesus Be in Zuccotti Park?

Web Exclusive: Shawn Boonstra shares a commentary on Jesus and protest movements.


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