December 11, 2009
Managing Holiday Stress

Black Friday (November 27), the day after Thanksgiving Day, marked the traditional start of the holiday season in the U.S. For most people Christmas is a time of joy, but for many, the holidays can be stressful. How should Christians approach the holidays? This week the Adventist Review presents several articles to help make this time a memorable and enjoyable occasion.

Surviving the Holidays

AR editor Bill Knott interviews Wes Youngberg, Dr.P.H., Wellnes Center director,
Rancho Family Medical Group in Temecula, California. (Published December 10, 2009.)

The "Grinches" Who Would Steal Back Christmas

Are we spending more and enjoying the holidays less? (Published December 6, 2001.)

Managing Holiday Stress

Seven holiday gifts you can give yourself. (Published November 22, 2001.)

The Holidays: Memorable or Painful?

For some families, the holidays are a painful time. (Published October 28, 2000.)

Surviving the Holidays

The trouble with the holidays is that we have equated gluttony with festivity. (Published November 25, 2000)

A Simple Witness

There's more than one way to celebrate Christmas. (Published December 13, 2001.)

Breaking Church News

LLUMC Surgeon Leonard Bailey Reflects on "Baby Fae" Case

Baboon heart in infant created a media storm.

AR Staff Contribute as Scholars

Review editors present scholarly papers. 

ARM Elects a New President

Robert Kyte takes the helm at Adventist Risk Management.


This Week's Special Features

Not Just Another Brick in the Wall

Say "church" and most of us think "building." But it's much more than that.

God's End-Time Remnant

What kind of people is He looking for?

The Biggest Unsolved Mystery

Why is the media taken with end-time events?

Loaves and Haystacks

If the words "Haystack," "Special K Loaf," and "Big Franks" make your mouth water, read this.

Are You Psychic or Something?

An impromptu conversation turns into an opportunity to share Christ.

Marriage, Homosexuality, and the Church

A landmark conference probes several sensitive issues.


Worship at Sligo Church

Based in the outskirts of Washington D.C., in Takoma Park, Maryland, the Sligo Adventist Chruch has a vibrant community program and variety of ministries. Under the leadership of Pastor Charles Tapp, Sligo offers a vibrant worship service. Click above to visit Sligo today.


Adventist Community Service Offering December 12

Adventist Community Services invites you to join us in making a difference in our communities by participating in our annual offering on December 12. We encourage you to get involved in our mission to provide vital help to individuals and families who are unemployed, uninsured, and disadvantaged in metropolitan areas throughout the United States and Bermuda. Help build a better world. For more information, click here.

Were you ever a Pathfinder?

Hundreds of thousands of Adventists around the globe share the experience of learning and growing together with peers, participating in camporees and service projects, and deepening their relationship with Jesus.  But there’s no place to celebrate all that amazing history—YET.  Plans are being laid for a Pathfinder Museum in Battle Creek, Michigan, near the Historic Adventist Village—and your ideas and support are vital.  Join the museum’s Facebook group at to share your ideas and enthusiasm for a museum celebrating the unique Adventist experience of Pathfindering.  Click here for more information about 2009 Pathfinder group visits to Battle Creek. To access the August 27 Adventist Review article about the proposed museum, click here.  

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