December 10, 2010
Breaking Church News

Obama's Anti-Obesity Initiative Receives Faith, Community Support

At White House, Wilson pledges support for "Let's Move" goals.

Daniel Latchman Named Quebec Conference President

Latchman has served as president of the Réunion and Mauritius conferences.

It Is Written's Boonstra to Step Aside Over Health Issues

Boonstra made the announcement on Dec. 1.

Hope Channel and Esperanza TV Join Satmex 6 Satellite Covering the Americas

Central, Inter-America to be reached by Adventist Church broadcasts

This Week's Special Features

I'm a Recovering Laodicean

God has a piercing way of confronting us at our level of comfort.

Choosing a Bible Translation

There are translations and there are paraphrases. Do you know the difference?

Escape the Bondage of Busyness

Michael Zigarelli shares his perspective.

Dual Citizenship

Our home is in heaven but our responsibilities are here on earth.

Pentecostal Power

What is it? And how can we know it?

Adventist Education Leader Up to the Challenges

Lisa Beardsley discusses the challenges of supporting a worldwide educational system.

Say Thank You!

What are we really saying when we say thanks?


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Broadcasting throughout central California, KARM-FM, a Family Friendly Music Station, is owned and operated by Harvest Broadcasting Company, Inc. Based in Vasalia, California, the station is listener supported broadcasting 24 hours a day. It features an inspirational Christian music format.

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