August 6, 2014
Breaking Church News

Guatemala President Encourages Youth Congress Delegates to be Agents of Change

Nearly 6,000 youth attend the IAD Youth Congress in Guatemala City.

Guatemala: Government Launches Adventist Health Initiative

Government health agencies promote "I Want to Live Healthy" initiative.

Adventist Pastor Narrowly Escapes Fighting in Eastern Ukraine

But his small church sustains major damage.

Korean Hospital Prioritizes Medical Ministry

Hospital chaplains actively evangelize patients.

Adventist Leaders Applaud Announcement of U.S. Religious Freedom Nominee

Rabbi David Nathan Saperstein has been nominated as Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom.

Samoa: Church Entities Connect to Make a Difference

Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing employees visit ADRA projects.

Sanitarium Launches Gluten-Free Weet-Bix

The new product is certified gluten-free by Celiac Australia and New Zealand.

August 14, 2014, ASI Issue

The entire contents of this special issue will be open to the public until August 13. 

Eight Stories of Grace

August 14 Cover Feature: Compiled from ASI 

A Voice to Reach the World

Adventist Review editor Bill Knott interviews Shawn and Jean Boonstra.

Luther Lets Go

Story: Carrie Purkeypile shares one man's journey from drugs to service in the Lord.

Editorial: The Visit of the Magi

How is it that we have subtly constructed a church culture across the face of Adventism in which new ministries must wait for approval, asks Bill Knott.

Putting First Things First

Editorial: Once you've experienced the ASI convention, you'll never be the same, says Wayne Attwood.

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This Week's Special Features

One People: Washed by the Blood, Robed in White

Editorial: "God did not leave humanity without an effective remedy for such divisiveness," says John Fowler.

Maintaining Church Unity

Transformation Tips: Delbert W. Baker offers practical advice on how to avoid "the MEGO effect."

Abraham's Other Children

July 24 Cover: Linda Smith on how God is reaching Muslims with the gospel.

The New, Friendly Face of the Papacy

As I See It: Gerhard Padderatz takes a look at reading current events in the light of prophecy.

Hearing the Thump

Journeys with Jesus: Jill Morikone reminds us of the moments we have to see clearly in order to be of help to others.

Taking God Out of the Equation

Heart and Soul Theology: Are some people comfortable with a cosmos that just "evolved?" Ariel A. Roth explores the topic.


Editorial: Gerald Klingbeil battles roots that were deeply entrenched. It's hard to move that which is firmly rooted, right?



Sligo Church

Based on the outskirts of Washington D.C., in Takoma Park, Maryland, the Sligo congregation has a vibrant community program and variety of ministries. Under the leadership of Pastor Charles Tapp, the congregation offers a vibrant worship service.

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