August 5, 2010

ASI Special Issue – This week the Adventist Review highlights the many ministries of Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries, showing their impact on our church’s mission. As a service to readers, all the articles in this issue will be accessible for the next two weeks.


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Breaking Church News

Evangelism Gets Personal With New Beginnings DVD Distribution

The new video was distributed on the closing Sabbath of the GC session.

Young Adults Participate in Florida Outreach Effort

"Youth for Jesus" gives experience before ASI convention.

Video Series Invites Viewers to Jesus' Homeland

Tracing the Footstps of Jesus was filmed on location.

Jesus to Join Bus Commute in Auckland, Thanks to Adventists

Lay ministry promotes Christian books on bus tickets.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Vatican Reports $5.2 Million Deficit for 2009

The Deficit came despite increased donations.

Louisiana Governor Signs Guns-in-Churches Bill

Opponents say churches should be free of guns.

Germany's First Woman Bishop Resigns Over Handling of Sexual Abuses

Allegations arose that cases were mishandled.

Conservative Insurgency Topples Missouri Synod President

Former president had been criicized by traditionalists.

August 12, 2010 Adventist Review

Recapturing the Passion

We don't all have the same gifts, but we serve the same Lord.

From Worship to Revival

How to be sensitive to the serendipity of the Holy Spirit

Sharing Christ in the Marketplace

Some of the countless ways ASI members reach out to their communities.

Scope and Scale

Jesus designs that all you have can enlarge the boundaries of His kingdom.

Pressing Together

A special greeting from the president of ASI.

Reader Response

Adventist Review readers share their reflection on the GC session.

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This Week's Special Features

Preachers Who Don't Believe

A recent study reveals some troubling findings.

The Supreme Court Will Have No Protestants. Does it Matter?

If U.S. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is confirmed, the high court will have six Catholics and three Jews.

GC Session Recap

Reports from the GC officers and 13 world divisions of the Adventist Church.


Listen to The Voice of Prophecy

Based in Simi Valley, California, the Voice of Prophecy radio ministry celebrated 80 years of broadcasting in 2009. Founded by Pastor H.M.S. Richards, Sr., the current speakers are Pastor Fred Kinsey and Connie Vandeman Jeffrey on the Weekend Voice broadcast, and Pastors Mike Tucker and Elizabeth Talbot on the daily broadcast.

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