August 20, 2010
Breaking Church News

GC President Envisions Church Marked by Revival, Prayer

Evangelism, stewardship keys to strategic plan, Wilson says.

Adventist Outreach Earns Church Role in World Mission Conference

Sharing Christ in twenty-first century among collaborative event's goals.

Mark Haynal to Head Canadian University College

Veteran educator and administrator follows Andrea Luxton.

Adventists, China's Christians to Continue Cooperation

Wilson hosts China Christian Council representatives at world headquarters.

Lutherans Apologize for Anabaptist Persecutions

Religious minority, in which Adventistm has roots, suffered.

This Week's Special Features

Let Us Play and Pray

Sabbathkeeping is good for marriage.

Focus on Relationships

The Advenist Review presents several articles to help establish and maintain happy, fulfilling relationships.

To Forgive or Not to Forgive

Why another article about this topic? Because it's easier to read about it than it is to do it.

Preachers Who Don't Believe

A recent study reveals some troubling findings.

The Sabbath and Colossians 2

Shadows of something better to come.

The Supreme Court Has No Protestants. Does it Matter?

With the swearing in of Elana Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court, the high court now has six Catholics and three Jews.

ASI Special Issue

The Adventist Review highlights the many ministries of Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries, showing their impact on the church’s mission.


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